Hosta 'Sunami'

An open-pollinated seedling of the species H. montana, this cultivar was registered by Clarence Soules of Indiana in 1990. It forms a large, upright mound 24 inches in height and 70 inches in width. The leaves are wavy and oblong ovate with a narrow tip. Its very pale lavender flowers bloom in July.

A catalog advertisement from Soules Garden in Indiana in The Hosta Journal (1991 Vol. 22 No. 2) offered the following Marge and Clarence Soules introductions:   'Blue Plisse' - $75.00, 'Crinolin Petticoats' - $75.00, 'Kong' - $75.00, 'Lime Krinkles' - $100.00, 'Placemat' - $100.00, 'Sunami' - $50 and "Special Price Fall 1991 -- Tissue culture release 'Fantastic'..." - $125.00.

bullet H. 'Tall Boy'

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