Hosta 'Singing in the Rain'

A 2006 registration by Walters Gardens, Inc. of Michigan, this cultivar was discovered by Clarence (C.H.) Falstad, III as a sport of H. 'Blue Umbrellas'. It was also awarded U.S. Plant Patent 19,565 in 2008. This cultivar is very much like the mother plant but with a bright yellow to creamy white marginal variegation. The giant size (36 inches high) mound has leaves that are cordate and rugose. Very pale lavender, bell-shaped flowers are borne on 42 inch tall scapes from late June into July.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "This cultivar shows great potential, as it offers all the good traits of 'Blue Umbrellas' (thick substance, large size mound size, and attractive leaf shape) with variegation."

United States Patent: PP19565

Abstract: A new and distinct cultivar of Hosta plant named ‘Singing in the Rain’, characterized by leaves having creamy yellow to creamy white margins and a deep green center, with lavender flowers held nicely above foliage.

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