Boasting diverse leaf shape, size, color, and texture, it is no wonder that hostas continue to reign as the most popular perennial plants in North America. Not only are they the supreme plant for shade, but they also can be used in the landscape either as striking specimen plantings or as accommodating companion plants. Few pests bother them, and little maintenance is required, making hostas even more attractive to busy gardeners.

Each year a staggering number of new hostas are introduced. To assist gardeners and landscapers in selecting the right hosta for a particular situation, veteran plants woman Diana Grenfell has teamed up with distinguished photographer Mike Shadrack in selecting 280 of the best hostas. Ranging from tried and true favorites to cutting edge newcomers bursting with potential, each plant has been handpicked for its superb performance in the landscape. An additional 545 hostas are briefly mentioned.

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