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Normally, this site map would include a huge number of links to the 19 sections of The Hosta Helper. Since we need to update the code on tens of thousands of pages so that we can once again retrieve information from our database, most of these links will be unavailable for the near future.

As soon as the updating is done, we will again have the pages that will show you the names of the cultivars introduced by each originator, registered hostas by year, all hostas genetically related to a certain cultivar or species, lists of giant blue-green hostas with yellow marginal variegation, originators from Michigan or Germany, hostas that bloom in July, all hostas in the Lakeside or Valleys series, hybrid hostas, chemically induced tetraploids, hostas with unruly foliage, AHS Popularity Poll hostas, award winning hostas, etc., etc., etc., etc. on around 30,000 pages.

As mentioned above, the html pages that describe over 15,000 cultivars and species and many other pages of hosta related information are fully functional. Click on the Alphabetical Listing of Cultivars & Species icon above to go to the indexes for these pages. Please excuse the occasional Error 404 page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Units in The Hosta Helper

  1. About the Genus Hosta
  2. Cultivars and Species
  3. Traits of Hosta Clumps
  4. Hosta Leaves
  5. Hosta Flowers
  6. Designing with Hostas
  7. Selecting Hostas
  1. Genetic Backgrounds
  2. Originators of New Hostas
  3. Hosta Organizations
  4. Registered Hostas
  5. Popularity Polls & Awards
  6. Hosta Propagation
  7. Hostaphiles
  1. Hosta Database Pages
  2. Hosta Care & Maintenance
  3. Hosta Photo Gallery
  4. Information Sources
  5. Words Used in Hosta Names
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