Books - There have been many books written about the genus, Hosta over the past several decades. These range from pamphlet like booklets by hobbyist to scientific tomes. Some are light reading for the typical backyard gardener while others such as The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis is aimed at everyone from the hobbyist to the hardcore enthusiast or professional horticulturist.

Websites - Of course, with the proliferation of the Internet, several websites have been created which emphasize different aspects of the genus, Hosta. Perhaps one of the more important sites for the hosta enthusiast is the one operated by The American Hosta Society.

HostaPhiles - These are people who have contributed in some way to the advancement of the genus, Hosta, as a landscape ornamental plant. We have information on both historical and contemporary people such as Diana Grenfell (pictured) who have been important to hostas.

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