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Hosta flowers bloom at different points in the summer season depending on the habits of the original species. For new cultivar registration purposes, The American Hosta Society has designated 6 bloom timeframes including:

Before June 1 July 15 to August 15
June 1 to 15 August 15 to October 1
June 15 to July 15 After October 1

As you might guess, the exact dates that a particular cultivar will bloom in your garden will be influenced by your location. For instance, generally, a plant may flower a bit earlier in the season in South Carolina as opposed to the same plant in Minnesota. Late season bloomers may not have time to blossom and set seed in Northern gardens. This is a challenge for hybridizers.

The registration form asks applicants to also list the dates when the bloom started, hit its peak and finished in the originator's garden. Some people use the timeframes listed above while others just say "July" or "August" or "late June".

So, we have entered those descriptions into our database as they are found in various references. We have listings based on the months of the summer from June to October. This means that a plant that is listed as "July 15 to August 15" will show up on the July,  August and July into August lists.

The HostaHelper Database will list cultivars by the following bloom date classifications:


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